About Us

What do I need to see the doctor?

Want to know immediately if you need to see a doctor? Get an answer via Do I have to go to the doctor? . Answer a few short questions and we will advise you if you should contact the doctor. That way you know what to do and you avoid unnecessary waiting at the doctor or doctor’s office.

How do you receive advice?

Answer a few short questions and do I have to go to the doctor? indicates whether you should contact your doctor. That way you know what to do and you avoid unnecessary waiting at the doctor or doctor’s office. You tell us what your gender is, how old you are, what is bothering you and what your complaint is. Should I go to the doctor? Determines, based on your symptoms, if and when contact with the doctor is needed.

How reliable is the information?

A telephone operator from a GP station asks questions based on the Dutch Triage Standard. The questions and advice of Do I have to go to the doctor? are also based on this, making the information reliable. Should I go to the doctor? was the only one validated in the Netherlands and found safe by the Dutch General Practitioners’ Association (NHG), the scientific association for general practitioners, and was the first medical app to receive a so-called CE mark. A CE marking indicates that the product complies with all applicable European (safety) rules and that the conformity and conformity procedures have been completed.

What is the goal?

Should I go to the doctor? helps people to take responsibility for their own health. More than 42% of people who visit a doctor do not actually need to go there. Using Do I have to go to doctor? we can reassure some of the visitors and provide them with reliable advice. This helps us to reduce the workload in healthcare and to save costs.

What do we do for general practitioners?

Using general practitioner posts and general practice Do I have to go to the doctor? to reduce the workload. This is done, for example, by placing it centrally on the website or linking it to a region app. Patients are encouraged to go through the questions themselves digitally before they call. This saves workload on the telephone and offers new opportunities for efficient work patient flows within primary care.