Headache and Muscles

When I enter, I look at her posture and how she moves. I see that her head is to the left. As a result, it is possible that one or more myofascial trigger points cause a stiffness in the neck that causes the headache. Just to clarify: ‘myo’ is muscle, ‘fascia’ is connective tissue. And a trigger point is a hard muscle button, which can vary in size from a pin button to a pea.

As soon as she takes off her coat and sits on a chair, I start asking questions. Do you have any idea what’s causing the pain? Have you had this before? Can you recognize a certain pattern in it? During our conversation I keep observing. I also ask if she can draw the pain she feels on a figure. In this way I try to find out whether her story corresponds with what I see.

Then I have her perform a test and she has to remember what she feels during different movements. She lies down on the massage table and I look for one or more trigger points. I do this by gently squeezing her sternum-key bone muscle (M. Sternocleidomastoldeus) (that is the muscle that ‘bulges’ with your head at the right/left side of your neck when you turn to the left/right). After a while she will rise again. She notices ‘enlightenment’ in her head and her eyesight has improved. I then explained to her how she can treat herself in order to be less affected by her complaint in the future.

  • Tips for reducing complaints and improving your posture
  • Variety of office work with other activities
  • Regularly change position in the chair (start to move Ismakogically)
  • Take a ‘micro-break’ on a regular basis.
  • Do not use the phone wedged between your head and shoulder